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Paulina’s News Forces Johnny and Chanel to Rethink Their Wedding — and EJ Delights in Stefan’s Predicament

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Harris sweeps up trash in the park as a cover while meeting with Ava. He updates her on the drug bust, but there was a complication (the dead dealer) so she’s not free and clear from Clyde just yet. Ava doesn’t know how much longer she can hold out, reminding him he promised her.

In a flashback in the interrogation room, Harris tells Ava he loves her and kisses her. She confesses that Clyde is forcing her and Stefan to work for him. Harris vows to free her from him, but he needs her to tip him off about the shipments. She agrees, and they kiss again. Harris tells her to slap him as a cover.

In the present, Harris tells Ava they need to keep fooling everyone until Clyde is stopped permanently.

Having just returned from Italy, EJ greets Stefan in the DiMera living room. Upon reading an article on his tablet, a glib EJ informs his brother about the drug raid. He wonders if Stefan’s “ugly mug” will be under the headline next time instead of Clyde’s.

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Chanel comes home after a night with Johnny to Paulina and Abe. Paulina tells her the cancer is more aggressive than they thought, so her surgery is being moved up. She asks when it will be, as Johnny bursts through the door, ready to wedding plan. Detecting the somber mood of the room, he tempers his cheery disposition.

Marlena brings a disheveled John coffee to their living room. She’s concerned he’s not sleeping and asks how it went with his new client last night. John says that the client never turned up. Contemplative, he recalls his varied career, worried what unwelcome surprises could crop up from his past that he doesn’t remember. Should anything arise, Marlena declares they will handle it as they always do — together.

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Facing each other on their couch, Marlena rests a concerned hand on John's knee. With a stubbly beard, John frowns.

Stephanie and Kayla share avocado toast and drink from champagne flutes at the Pub. Stephanie gets an alert that the drug bust article is trending. Kayla hopes Clyde goes straight to hell. Stephanie’s really proud of Everett and can’t wait to take him out to celebrate. When Kayla inquires, Stephanie assures her Everett makes her happy. They have a great connection and can talk about everything. It’s music to Kayla’s ears.

At the mansion, Stefan lashes out at EJ for taunting him after not lifting a finger to help him with Clyde. EJ reminds him that as D.A., he’s sworn to uphold the law. Stefan scoffs, knowing EJ would bend the law to save his own ass. Besides, how will it make him look if his brother goes down for this? EJ is certain the public will support him when he chooses the law over family. When the dust settles, EJ will be on top while Stefan goes to jail to become someone’s bottom. After more taunting, EJ cackles before leaving to congratulate the police force on another job well done.

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Holding a tablet, EJ faces off against Stefan in the DiMera living room

In the park, Harris tells Ava they can’t change what happened in the raid, so they have to push forward. Ava flashes to making out with Stefan and laments making one bad decision after another. When Harris finds out how much of a broken mess she truly is, he’ll bail. Harris vows he’s not going anywhere. “We’re a team and we’re going to get through this.” When he gets called back to work, Ava answers her phone to Stefan, who isn’t happy to hear she “ran into” Harris. He summons her to the mansion.

After hearing about Paulina’s surgery, Johnny and Chanel assure her they’ll be there for her every step of the way. As they go over wedding plans, the hospital calls to reschedule the surgery for tomorrow morning… the same time as the wedding. Johnny says they’ll postpone, but Paulina won’t hear of it. Chanel won’t get married without her there. When Paulina continues to protest, Johnny and Abe back up Chanel. Paulina relents and goes to lie down. Abe follows her. With a gleam in his eye, Johnny tells Chanel he has an idea.

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Abe and Paulina sit grinning on their couch in reaction to Johnny and Chanel. The latter couple sit together in a chair looking pleased.

In the squad room, EJ questions Harris about the drug raid. Harris assures EJ they’ll nail Clyde and everyone else involved. Harris relays they’re keeping an eye on Ava and Stefan and asks if that’ll be a problem for him. “Not at all,” EJ responds. If his brother is mixed up in this mess, so be it.

When Ava arrives at the mansion, Stefan gravely tells her Harris is nothing but trouble for them. He could have followed her there and could even know what happened between them last night. Since Tripp and Wendy are the only ones who saw them together, he demands she keep them quiet so it doesn’t get back to Gabi. Ava promises to talk to them, but points out they have bigger things to worry about — namely Clyde, who will be looking for payback after the raid. Stefan wonders what the hell they’re going to do. Ava might have a way to get them out of this and asks him to trust her.

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Stephanie and Kayla exchange warm smiles across a Brady Pub table. Kayla clasps her daughter's hand.

At the Pub, Stephanie admits to Kayla that Everett is moving faster than she’s ready for. Kayla says if it’s meant to be it will happen. Just look at her and Steve. Stephanie ribs Kayla for marrying the same guy four times with a whole lot of drama in between. Kayla thinks the drama was worth it. She hopes Stephanie is as happy in her life as she and Steve are right this very minute.

At the penthouse, John credits Marlena with always knowing how to make him feel better. She tells him he’s a wonderful father, friend, and husband. She loves him just the way he is. He loves her. After Marlena leaves, John calls Steve to meet at the office. There’s something he needs to tell him.

Next on Days of Our Lives, Steve and John compare notes, and Theresa and Brady hear from Tate.

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