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The Other Woman in RHOP’s Robyn & Juan’s Cheating Scandal Identified

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Who did Juan allegedly cheat with on Robyn from The Real Housewives of Potomac?

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Who did Juan allegedly cheat with on Robyn from The Real Housewives of Potomac? Robyn revealed Juan’s alleged infidelity in an episode of her and Real Housewives of Potomac co-star Gizelle Bryant’s podcast, “Reasonably Shady,” in January 2023. “Juan was an idiot and communicated with this woman on Instagram because, you know, whatever he’s bored. He needs attention. It’s the pandemic. Blah, blah, blah,” Robyn said at the time, adding that the alleged infidelity with the woman, who is from Canada, during the COVID-19 pandemic before filming started on The Real Housewives of Potomac Season 7. “They did not date. He did not fly her anywhere.”

Robyn revealed that the woman Juan allegedly cheated on her with had a hotel receipt with his name on it. She explained, however, that there was a reason Juan’s name was on the receipt, claiming that the woman messaged Juan about losing her wallet and asked if he could pay for the hotel. She alleged that Juan put his credit card down and left the hotel. “The situation when it was presented to me was handled. [It] was discussed… It was something we had to work through, you know? It was not something that it was just, ‘Oh, okay, whatever,’” Robyn said. “Maybe that’s why the wedding didn’t happen when yall wanted it to.”

Robyn also revealed on the podcast that she had been “waiting” for one of her Real Housewives of Potomac co-stars “to bring” up the affair and was surprised when cast mate Karen Huger brought up a different rumor instead. “When we’re in Mexico, Ashley [Darby] tells me that Karen is talking about us, and I’m like ‘Oh, okay this is it,’” she said. “And she talks about him holding hands with a blonde in Georgetown and I’m like, ‘This is ridiculous.’ So that was kind of comical to me.”

So who did Juan allegedly cheat on Robyn with from The Real Housewives of Potomac? In an interview with the YouTube channel Georgio Says in February, the woman, who only went by her first name “Brittany,” confirmed that she direct messaged Juan first, but their communication was serious enough that they were “both just waiting for the [COVID] restrictions be lifted” so they could meet in person. She claimed that, “at least a year” into talking, Brittany traveled from Canada to Maryland, where she planned to “meet [Juan] at the hotel and just get settled in.]

Brittany also denied Robyn’s claim on Watch What Happens Live that Brittany came to Maryland because “she was dating a Baltimore Ravens player,” not to see Juan. “I have no idea where that story came from—it’s very confusing,” Brittany said. “I have no reason to go to Maryland other than to see Juan.”

Brittany also addressed Robyn’s allegation that Juan’s name was on her hotel receipt because she lost her wallet, calling the story “outrageous.” “[It] just doesn’t make sense,” she said, adding that she believes Juan “gave [Robyn] the story that she has regurgitated to [viewers].”

She continued, “It was very clear that the relationship was for TV. Like, it was for the fans. It was a paycheck, and that was just their obligation. They needed to do what they needed to do pretty much for TV, and he made it clear that he does have that respect for Robyn, but it was not a real relationship.”

Brittany also denied Robyn’s claim that Brittany asked her for $4,000 in hush money via Zelle to not go public with the allegations. “It’s a little outrageous and I wish she would’ve put more thought into her statement because I am in Canada…We don’t have Zelle. We don’t accept Zelle, I can’t request Zelle. I don’t have access to that on my phone,” she said.

In screenshots shared by several Bravo fan accounts on Twitter, the woman’s full name is “Brittany Murray” and she emailed Robyn from an account named britt.money@hotmail.com.

In an interview Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen in February 2023, Robyn explained that she didn’t bring up Juan’s allegedly infidelity during The Real Housewives of Potomac Season 7 because they had “handled” the issue before filming started. “It was so in the back of my mind. We dealt with it, we moved on from it. I don’t know why I would say, ‘Hey guys, pick me, let’s talk about my issues,’ ” Robyn said. “It wasn’t an issue at that moment when we were filming. … It wasn’t relevant to where we were in that present time.”

Robyn also addressed skepticism around her account that Juan paid for the woman’s hotel room because she didn’t have a wallet, but nothing else happened. “She had told Juan that she was dating a Baltimore Ravens player so she was telling him she was flying to Maryland and he’s like, ‘Okay, whatever.’ But somewhere along the way, she gets to Maryland, she’s reaching out to him, and she’s telling him she lost her wallet in the casino and she cannot pay for her hotel room,” Robyn said. “So he feels bad for her. Apparently she was really stressed out, really distraught. He feels bad for her, he goes to the hotel, puts his card down at the counter or whatever, and that’s it.”

Robyn confirmed that time at the hotel was the only time Juan and the woman met in person. “It sounded like B.S. to me when I found out about it. But he was very… you know… I believe him. “We’ve talked about it a lot and I believe what he told me.”

Robyn also denied “withholding information” while filming The Real Housewives of Potomac Season 7. “I didn’t withhold. It’s not about withholding information. It was because this information was given last week or the week before on a blog,” Robyn said. “And my problem was the woman was telling lies and trying to expose us. She was telling lies and I felt like I need to expose the lies.”

Robyn also addressed claims that her friend Gizelle, who is known for bringing up cheating rumors around other cast members on camera, had a double standard with Robyn. “I’m sure Gizelle will tell you, we’re really, really, really, really good friends. We talked about it when it happened so why would she have to bring it up when we’re filming when she and I already talked about it?” she said. “If you want to call it a double standard, maybe. But … if the roles were reversed and other people were in the same situation, I would expect other people to do the same thing for their friends.”

Robyn also confirmed that the woman Karen discussed on The Real Housewives of Potomac was different than the woman Juan paid a hotel for. “A blonde in Georgetown is not the same as a woman on the other side of Canada,” she said. “I had never in my life heard that.”

Robyn also defended herself again claims she wasn’t open to viewers. “We all have skeletons. I don’t think that anybody brings all their personal lives to the show,” she said. “Has Karen brought whatever she had really going on to the show? No. I don’t expect people to just tell on themselves like that when it is that damaging.”

She continued, “I don’t demand transparency from anyone regarding their relationship. If someone asked me about my relationship and said, ‘Oh, I heard this rumor,’ then I would offer it to them. But I don’t demand transparency on anyone’s relationship.”

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